Burdens and Benefits of Arranged Marriages

The source of affection is Allah itself, one of the names of Allah(SWT) is ‘Al-wadud’, the maximum affectionate. Allah[SWT] suggests us the authentic meaning of love; no person can love us the way he does. It conveys that the sensation of affection isn’t incorrect in itself but the way you take place it. For instance, the love of Allah is the maximum stunning thing one can revel in on this world, but on the equal time, a love of power can destroy nations.
Loving the right entity inside the right way can make your life lovely and others around you. Loving the wrong entity in the wrong manner can smash you and the humans around you.

Marrying someone you like isn’t always Islamically incorrect. One can have emotions of love, attraction, admiration for some other man or woman.
It changed into narrated from Ibn Abbas that the Prophet [SAW] said: “There is not anything like marriage, for 2 who love one another.” ~[Sunan ibn Majah 1847]

This hadith shows that love before marriage does 婚姻介紹 exist. It’s no longer incorrect to have emotions, like a person or revel in love in the direction of them and want to marry them.
As lengthy as one does no longer interact in haram acts like relationship, speaking in personal, or sex itself, it also shows that there’s not anything higher, purest than marriage for folks that love one another; in case you love someone, you ought to marry them.

It is out of our control; the feeling of appeal comes unconsciously.
But if that feeling ends in something which defies the laws of Allah is unlawful.
If feelings show up in one’s coronary heart and that they do now not act upon it wrongly, then there’s no sin on them.
It is difficult to govern one’s dreams; it’s far easier stated than achieved to control one’s goals and no longer act upon them.
When one’s coronary heart pulls to head after some thing, resisting the sensation is tough.

One may think that, how can I love someone with out speakme to them or maybe searching at them. You can do all the ones things.
If a man desires to advise marriage to a girl, he may additionally speak along with her and gaze at her with out being on my own. He have to do it from a secure distance and inside the presence of her father, brother, mom, or different family participants. However, if he does now not wish to recommend marriage to her, he has no proper to accomplish that. So long as he plans on marrying her.
According to Jaabir ibn Abd-Allaah (R.A.), Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) stated:
“If one in all you offers marriage to a female, he can observe her and discover something with a view to encourage him to marry her, then allow him accomplish that” [Saheeh Abi Dawood, no. 1832, 1834]

Love that leads to haram acts and marriage based totally at the disobedience of Allah(SWT) will lack the advantages of our lord.
With the benefits of Allah[SWT], marriage can be tranquil.
Prophet Muhammad taught us that a great marriage is based on a foundation of sakinah[tranquility], Mawaddah[love], and Rahma[mercy].

When a person learns that a woman is of good person, virtuous, and informed, he may also marry her. Alternatively, a female may additionally hear that a man is of suitable person, virtuous, knowledgeable, and religiously dedicated, and he or she can also wish to marry him. The problem, however, is touch among the 2 who admired each other in methods that are not Islamically permissible, which has disastrous effects. In this case, it is not permissible for the person to touch the female or for the female to touch the man and specific his choice to marry her. Rather, he must tell her wali [guardian] of his desire to marry her, or she need to tell her of her desire to marry him…
However, if the girl contacts the man without delay, this is what causes fitnah[temptations] ~ [ibn al qayyim in rawdat al muhibbeen]

Our mom, Khadijah[R.A.], had heard of our prophet Muhammad’s integrity, honesty, and ethical conduct (noticed) through her servant maisarah; mother Khadijah turned into deeply moved and impressed through our prophet and proposed him thru her closed buddy. This indicates that it’s miles unnecessary to spend time with a person to love them, and relationship is not required.

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